Club Days


Club Championship Points - how they work

January Fun Day points are NOT counted in the Club Championships

Only 9 club day points are counted for the end of year club championship.

February to November = 10 Club Days. If you do your club duty at a club day you only get to race 9 of them. If you do your club duty at an Open Meeting you get to race at 10 of them - so to make it even for everyone – only points from 9 Club Days are counted for the club championships.

You get 3000 points towards your club championship points when you have done your club duties or 4000 if you work at a TKC race event as an AKA Steward, you have to hold a current AKA Stewards Licence and have completed the AKA Steward School.

If you race at 10 club days your worst round is dropped before the club championship points are counted so that everyone only gets 9 club day points.

To run a race meeting at least 3 AKA Stewards and 15 Members are needed to staff the event. Whilst everyone is racing these are the people who are working behind the scenes. For Open Meetings there may be more AKA Stewards and more staff required especially if it is a two day event such as Carnival of Karts.

Club day timetable - includes race order for classes and important information.

Club Day Information 2017 (Updated March 2017)

2016 Scrutineering Form

289 System

2016 Guide To Club Duties

Please note Supplementary Regulations for Club Days (closed meetings) are not generally published as they are 'standard' race meetings. Check Club Days doc (above) for further details.