Club Championship

At the end of each year our club celebrates the Club Championship season by awarding trophies to the top three drivers in each class.

We also reward our hard working officials, members and everyone else we feel has made a positive contribution to our club throughout the year.

And everyone always gets excited when we draw the prizes and raffles tickets at the end of the award ceremony – anyone can be a winner!

Cadet 9Edward Dell'AventinoEdward NoonCruz Priolo
Cadet 12Charlie OkelyJack OkelyVeeti Salonen
KA3 Jnr LightBailey RiordanEthan RoetsLachlan Dunne
KA3 Jnr HeavyThomas WallRyder MckayMason Walczac
KA2Chase WildmanBenjamin Hall-
WA Combined LightJohn-Paul VoslooJackson Mitchell-RosenauerChloe Terrell
WA Combined MediumBrad Van RompaeyJack ParhamFabio Di Guilio
WA Combined HeavyBen BondinLuca Lanzafame-
TAG 125 LightConnor CliftonAiden KuduzovicJack Parham
TAG 125 HeavyHayden Fraser--
TAG Restricted MastersTroy Stones-ClarkeSam LeotaNathan Terrell
WA Open PerformanceLuke Coveney--