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Tiger Kart Club (Inc.) was formed in 1958 being the largest kart club in Western Australia and only kart club in Australia with two separate tracks.

Tiger Kart Club aims to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere to members young (from 7 years) and those young at heart (to over 70 years) with competitive race meetings at some of the best kart racing facilities in Australia.

The Cockburn International Raceway is located in Henderson and Wanneroo International Raceway is located in Neerabup.

Club race meetings are held each month throughout the year alternating between both track locations and using different track configurations. Track configurations vary from 1070 metres to 460 metres.

Open race events are also a regular feature at both tracks during the year, including the City of Perth Titles (usually held at the Cockburn track) and Carnival of Karts (usually held at the Wanneroo track).



Tiger Kart Club established

Tiger Kart Club (Inc) was formed in 1958 by a group of riding enthusiasts from a motor cycle club.

Without a dedicated racing track available for them to race on, they used car parks, air strips and even raced between the buildings at the Claremont Show Grounds or anywhere else they could obtain authority to race.

This ended in 1960 when an old quarry in Cockburn which was later used as a rubbish tip was transformed into a bitumen racing track with some facilities.

The first WA State Championship event

By 1960 the Cockburn track had become an established go kart racing facility with a growing club membership.

Cockburn hosted the first WA State Championship titles in 1961 when 117 of the then 119 licensed drivers in the State competed for a spot on the podium.

However, there was already some debate over the future of the Cockburn track and its location within a proposed shipbuilding site.

Despite the uncertainty the track continued to grow in popularity as a great kart racing facility.

The first National Championship event

In 1974 the Cockburn track was upgraded and increased to a length of 560 metres.

Then in 1975 the Club hosted their first National Sprint Championships.

Sadly, the Club was advised in 1976 by the City of Cockburn that the Government were intending to reclaim and resume the Cockburn track site for ship building.

Cockburn International Raceway officially opened

On 30 November 1980 a new track was opened.

The new track was located in Henderson (where it remains to this day) and was constructed to international standards at the time. The track was officially opened by Liberal Member Barry McKinnon and became known as the Cockburn International Raceway.

Cockburn International Raceway was constructed with a track length of 1070m at a width of 8m.

DAP International Kart Prix

1982 saw Tiger Kart Club host the DAP International Kart Prix Championship

The first international meeting was held in 1982 with the DAP International Championship which was an invitational meeting. There were 6 international drivers from 5 countries competing.

CIK Asia Pacific Championships

The first CIK approved Championship to be run in Australia.

In 1983 Tiger Kart Club hosted the CIK Asia Pacific Championships at Cockburn International Raceway. This meeting was the first Australian hosted and approved CIK Championship event.

22 international drivers from 9 different countries competed, including a few drivers that were not famous back then but whom you might recognise these days: Heinz-Harald Frentzen raced in the Intercontinental 100c A class while a young Michael Schumacher (entered as “Mike Schumaker” in the program) raced in the Intercontinental 100c A Junior class!

Click here for a detailed write-up of the event (link to Kartsport News opens in a new page).

Wanneroo International Raceway opened

August 1990 saw the opening of Wanneroo International Raceway.

With this, Tiger Kart Club became the first and currently only kart club in Australia that operates 2 separate kart racing tracks.

The Wanneroo track is located in Neerabup within the local government area of the City of Wanneroo. The track is 1025 metres long and 8m wide. 

The facility and track was opened by the 1990 Mayor of Wanneroo, Mr. Wayne Bradshaw.

Daniel Ric
2005 Australian Sprint Kart National Championships

The National Sprint Kart Championships were held at the Wanneroo track in 2005.

Some notable names competed at the event including local legend Daniel Ricciardo and Queensland ace Chaz Mostert.

Daniel eventually went on to race in Formula 1 and Chaz in Supercars.

New asphalt for Cockburn

The Cockburn track was resurfaced including some improvements made to the facilities.

AKC Round 2 Wanneroo
Australian Kart Championship Hosted

20-23 April 2023 saw the Australian Kart Championship in Western Australia.

Wanneroo International Kartway hosted round two of the 2023 SP Tools Australian Kart Championship presented by Castrol EDGE.

It was the first time that an event in the five-round championship schedule has been held in Western Australia and attracted more than 350 competitors becoming the largest karting event in the State in the modern era.

Following the conclusion of the Australian Kart Championship, Tiger Kart Club was awarded Event of the Year at the official awards ceremony.



WA Karting Volunteers

Life Members are recognised for their service to our Club and honoured with this esteemed award.

Our Life Members are :

Peter Allison | Graham Burvill | Val Costa | Gloria Foster | Ian Gibb | Gary Light | Bob Mould | John Nastas | Diane Scoble | Bill Smith | Ian Staples | Mike Sully | Frank Swann | Les Verco | Diane Verco | Rex Wedd | Jeffrey White




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